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Control the chaos of development operations by putting DevOps teams in command of a seamless, end-to-end platform that delivers precise software development build, test, and deployment automation.

Omni Arsenal
A Global Challenge

Many DevOps teams use multiple products out of necessity, with each product comes an additional layer of workflow complexity and inefficiencies for communications, quality management, security checks and code integrations that hinder productivity. Until now.

A Global Solution
Technology continuously grows, and developers will always need to work faster and smarter.
Therein lies the solution, Arsenal, a unified ecosystem that builds, tests, and deploys enterprise scale applications through automation.
Arsenal enables the seamless integration of Development, Cyber security, and Ops workflows to help enterprises build better software. Arsenal integrates real-world lessons learned from CI/CD practices for some of the industries most critical business operations. Enable your DevOps teams to get from idea to production faster and more secure to increase your time to market (TTM) by building scalable and cloud-native applications with Arsenal.
Team Arsenal
Jay Roy
Jay Roy
Jay’s 20+ years of leadership and technical experience in IT spans across commercial and government contracting. Today, he leads the principal technical investments for cutting-edge technologies in commercial industries and government military operations.
As the founder of OMNI Arsenal, Jay has diversified the company’s portfolio to include product development in the venture’s first of many innovations. OMNI Arsenal is a patent pending DevSecOps cloud platform for designing, developing and deploying applications and infrastructures to cloud operations.
Jay is a serial entrepreneur, managing all major aspects of business decisions for large and small firms. He is a skilled problem solver with extensive experience in assessing, planning and resourcing projects within a diverse range of clients and requirements.
Gerald Williams
Gerald Williams
After 24 years of honorable service, Gerald retired from the US Army Reserve as a Plans and Operations Officer. Early in his civilian career, he laid the foundation for technical growth while working as an IT Business and Operations Analyst in the utility industry.
With a Master’s of Science in Information Technology Management and over 20 years of planning, training, and military operations, Gerald brings a wealth of knowledge to the team. He is a natural motivator, mentor, and coach, who excels at helping others reach their full potential. His high level of emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills are paramount in Arsenal’s industry advancement.
Asafu Thomas
Asafu Thomas
For over 15 years, Asafu has led software development projects in a multitude of industries. He started his technical career building custom CRM solutions for Insurance and Financial Services firms. His drive and commitment to success propelled his company, Datawerx, to a strong revenue performance and its eventual exit in 2018.
Asafu is passionate about the entrepreneurial journey, particularly where it intersects with technology. He assists early-stage companies in developing and delivering innovative solutions. His belief in building people first is a critical asset to teams and founders with clear visions, strong business acumen, and an unwavering passion for the companies and technology they build.